Track M/V Helene Julie in real-time

At Risør Shipping, transparency and connectivity with our stakeholders are paramount. We understand the anticipation of waiting for a shipment, the curiosity about our vessel’s current location, or simply the maritime enthusiasm of tracking a ship’s journey. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a feature that brings our operations closer to you.

Introducing real-time tracking of the M/V Helene Julie

With the integration of MarineTraffic’s advanced AIS vessel tracking system, you can now follow the M/V Helene Julie in real-time. Whether she’s anchored at a port, navigating the high seas, or maneuvering through a strait, you can track her every move, anytime, anywhere.

Features and benefits

  • Live Location Updates: Get real-time data on the M/V Helene Julie’s current position, speed, and course.
  • Port Calls: View detailed information about her past and upcoming port calls, including arrival and departure times.
  • Voyage Data: Access insights into her recent voyages, including origin, destination, and cargo details.
  • Weather Conditions: Stay informed about the current weather conditions she’s navigating through, ensuring you’re always in the loop about her journey’s safety and progress.

How to track the M/V Helene Julie

It’s simple! Just click on the link below, and you’ll be directed to the MarineTraffic platform, where the M/V Helene Julie’s real-time data is displayed.

🔗 Track M/V Helene Julie now

Stay Connected with Risør Shipping

Our commitment to operational excellence goes hand in hand with our dedication to keeping our stakeholders informed. By offering real-time tracking of the M/V Helene Julie, we aim to enhance our transparency and foster stronger connections with our clients, partners, and maritime enthusiasts.

We invite you to be a part of the M/V Helene Julie’s journey, experiencing the vastness of the seas she sails and the ports she graces. As she charts her course, we hope you’ll chart yours alongside her, staying connected with Risør Shipping every nautical mile of the way.

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